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Good Bye to Night Shades and Eggs

I love night shades, dairy and eggs!

I love night shades, dairy and eggs!

Two things happened yesterday that made me dig a little deeper into how I can get rid of some weight and reduce my joint pain.  First my husband had the realization that his 20 year grad school anniversary is in 10 weeks.  10 weeks.  Then I did a workout and my knee pain came roaring back.  Its so annoying.  My husband also has been having back and shoulder spasms this week from wrestling our kids at the beach.  Its time to fight back against our aging joints!  I don’t mean to sound that dorky its just I don’t want to fill the page with expletives.

My husband doesn’t know it yet because he is all drugged up on painkillers (for his shoulders) but we are not only going to try to lose some weight we are also going to try and get our joints to stop hurting so frequently.  He said he can always follow a PLAN and he needs a PLAN to lose weight and feel better.  I first found Paleo through Robb Wolf’s website so I went there first to look and see if he had any new online tools to help us develop a PLAN.  I found his joint venture with Chris Kresser,  Paleologix Total Transformat2on.    It seemed to have the right mix of online tools and even some supplements if we are so inclined.  I signed us both up.

The interesting thing is how much I can read the same info and not absorb it.  I can understand giving up grains and dairy and then jump right onto grass fed butter.  I have heard and read so much about people’s struggles with auto immune issues and I thought well I have a little inflammation but it isn’t that bad.  Ask anyone I work out with who is also my age and they will tell you I am constantly adapting workouts because of either my knees, hip, glutes or back.  Basically I’m a walking joint pain.  I hate having to frequently leave out movements in workouts because some joint or tendon is just not recovering from a workout 2-4 weeks ago.

In the questionnaires it says if you have joint pain then you have auto immune issues and you should avoid night shades and eggs.  What?  Oh that’s why I have been ignoring it.  I hate having so many food restrictions.

So good bye to eggplants, potatoes,  tomatoes, peppers, paprika, and eggs.  HELLO that is our breakfast every morning.  Scrambled eggs with salsa (tomatoes and peppers)!  That will be a big challange for the next 30 days avoiding eggs and night shades.  I mean avoiding wine, beer, sugar and all dairy will be a breeze but geez I have to give up tomatoes!!!   Yesterday,  I made a huge batch of the sweet potato salad and now that’s off the meal plan for the next 30 days.  Well here’s to making my knees feel young again.

And here is my first lunch without night shades…

IMG_0284Tuna and Avocado Salad with Ginger Lime Dressing!