Fall 2014 Fitness and Other Goals

Fall Goals

  • Finish Planting Back Slope in my yard.  Plant 9 more trees and a few more perennials.  Spray all of the poison ivy with Round up.  Finish final weeding.
  • Build a new stand up/ sit down desk and organize new office.  First finish top of desk and order Human Potential (or whatever its called) desk platform that sits or stands
  • Lift 3 X  a week and only gradually add weight not that glute is healed and achilles is healing.  Started squats at 75 lb build to 110-125 by December.
  • Lose 2 lbs a week by eating clean and avoiding dairy and night shades.


Summer Goals

  • Build up to running a 5K as my achilles heals
  • Get over fear of ocean swimming and build up to swimming a half mile
  • Each week do a modified Murph workout starting with 40 pull ups, 100 push ups and 100 air squats.  Add 10% more reps each week.

Update July 25, 2014

  • I have run up to a mile in workouts but achilles still acts up so just running every other day.
  • Haven’t swum yet such a wimp
  • will do murph today while I have a pull up rig at gym 🙂
  • Othernews:  Paleologix have been eating clean for 8 days and knees and back feel great.  Sleeping thru the night!

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