Parents of Adult Children – DONT GET UP IN MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT


Beautiful sunset in Chatham

Beautiful sunset in Chatham

Why am I warning you not to get up in the middle of the night if you have adult children?  That comes later.  Lately, my husband has had a heck of a time sleeping due to a neck/shoulder strain.  The muscle spasms just won’t stop and wake him up all night long.  This is not good for his health.  Part of the reason we are trying a new stricter diet avoiding grains, dairy and night shades is to help him heal and prevent it from happening again.   Luckily he is finally starting to get a little sleep.

Being awake at night at home is awful but in a summer house it can really be challenging.  Other adults whom you may be related to may also be up in the middle of the night.  That is the problem.  If you can,  Stay in Bed,  there are just things you don’t want to see or hear.

Let me tell you a story overheard in Chatham….

It’s one o clock in the morning and a man can’t sleep due to pain so he decides to hop into the oversized tub in the bathroom at the other side of the house.  As he is leaving his bath still in pain, he hears a young man sort of talking and then he hears the unmistakable sound of a woman he doesn’t know NOT TALKING.  Man heads back to his side of the house totally dismayed and still in pain.  Really can it get any worse – you are in pain and you hear others who are feeling the exact opposite?

Next morning.

Mom says to son, “Had a good night last night?”

Son stops in tracks and then slowly realizes he is busted.  Even worse he now has to ask Mom for a ride to pick up his car.  ( He was responsible and did take a cab after drinking at local tavern and he had already borrowed Mom’s car and driven young moaner home.)
Mom has two choices.  Drive in silence or pepper son with questions.

She chooses peppering..

Son tells story of visiting a local tavern, the Chatham Squire, and meeting a table of single women on vacation from NYC.  The women had actually been trying to come up with pick up lines to get him to the table.  Since he is a gentleman, all it took was, “Can you help us carry our drinks to the table?”

Boy meets girl.  Both drink a lot and end up in a summer house.  Early in the morning, in the car, boy asks girl, ”

Boy: “So how old are you?”

Girl:   “27.  How old are you?”

Boy:  “22”

Girl:  “I still got it.  I can’t wait to tell the girls back at the hotel.”

Mom’s first thought, she’s not 27.  And what happened to the walk of shame?

No one is named in this story even though none of the participants are really ashamed or bashful about their behavior and seem to really want to brag!

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